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Summer Batte is a writer and editor with more than 16 years of experience. After experiencing peripartum depression and anxiety herself, and upon learning she was parenting an anxious child, she spent years reading everything she could on childhood anxiety and anxiety disorders. She went to some extraordinary lengths, including homeschooling her daughter for three years, as part of an anxiety-management strategy.

After 13 years of this “study,” conversations with families going through similar struggles, and a deep belief that the most important thing she could do was to equip her child to understand anxiety and become her own best advocate, she decided to put all the things she (or a doctor, or a therapist) had handled well, and all the things she (or a doctor, or a therapist) had not handled well into a book for kids who are living with anxiety.

Summer knows what it’s like to be a parent of an anxious child, living in an unpredictable and challenging world. Her book is meant to tackle both the questions that come up frequently at home, as well as the ones that many kids have great difficulty putting into words—including many details adults don’t tend to think about explaining to kids (like what a therapist’s office is like), and things many adults don’t know enough about to explain at all (like how medication for anxiety actually works).

She hopes that this book provides some answers and relief for kids, as well as their families.

Yeah, but what’s she really like?

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