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Summer on Stanford Pathfinders.

Summer with Shannon Wilke of the Shine Advocacy Group.

Summer on Parenting Impossible.

Recent and relevant work . . .

“How to help kids conquer back-to-school fears”
Free Spirit Publishing, September 2022

“Anxiety and Goal Setting: 6 Ways to More Successful New Year’s Resolutions”
Free Spirit Publishing, January 2022

“7 Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Needle Anxiety”
Your Teen for parents, June 2021

“How to Plan for Anxiety,” excerpt from Name and Tame Your Anxiety
Free Spirit Publishing, May 2021

Excerpt from Name and Tame Your Anxiety, May 2021

“How to Model Healthy Worry and Coping Strategies as We Emerge from the Pandemic”
Free Spirit Publishing, March 2021

“How to Support Your Anxious Child”
Tips for starting therapy.
Bay Area Parent magazine, March 2021

“How to Work and Teach—at the Same Time”
Tips for parents trapped by the coronavirus.
STANFORD magazine, 2020

“3 Simple Ways to Fight for Your Privacy”
The use and sale of your personal information is overwhelming, and you can’t stop it. Here’s why you should still try.
STANFORD magazine, 2019

“Can your child tell fact from fake online?”
Most kids can’t, despite being raised on technology. Here’s how to help your child learn what to trust online., 2018

“You’re the Fact Checker Now”
How to become a better reader in the age of unreliable news feeds.
STANFORD magazine, 2017

Reviews and Press

Name and Tame Your Anxiety is the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards gold medal winner for non-fiction chapter book.

Name and Tame Your Anxiety is an INDIES Book of the Year finalist.

Name and Tame Your Anxiety is the winner of a 2022 National Parenting Product Award.

Book review at Learning Frameworks.

Name and Tame Your Anxiety press release.

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